AFL Rules Regulations and Important Information


1.    All persons must be at least 18 and present proper ID.

2.    All persons must sign in and sign a liability waiver.

3.    All classes and services are paid for before entry.

4.    Do NOT jump, climb, touch or swing on poles or aerial equipment without permission or proper instruction.

5.    We do not accept checks, cash or credit only.

6.    No Refunds or Exchanges.

7.    Prepaid classes and parties must be rescheduled within 30 days. Classes and parties not rescheduled within 30 days forfeit all monies paid.

8.    No children are allowed in the studio dance area.

9.    No smoking inside or within 25 feet of studio perimeter.

10. No glass containers or bottles allowed.

11. Dispose trash in trash bins and containers only.

12. Do not flush feminine products, paper towels or trash.

13. Wash hands after restroom use and before using equipment.

14. Do not lean on or touch mirrors.

15. No Audio or video recording during classes without permission.

16. Management is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to vehicles or contents and personal property while on the premises.

17. No firearms or weapons allowed on this property.

18. No food/drink allowed in studio dance area except for water. Common area Only.

19. No cellphone use in dance area. Ringers must be turned off.

20. Do not apply any lotions or oils to skin prior to pole use.

21. Park vehicles in front parking spaces with parking blocks or over flow parking on grass adjacent to building.  We are not responsible for vehicles towed in undesignated parking. No Parking in front of studio door or roll up door.

22. No chewing gum.

23. No littering or loitering outside or around building.

24. No drugs or alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises. This includes the parking lot.

25. Do not consume excessive alcohol prior to classes, parties or events.

26. Students and guests take full responsibility for the cost and replacement to any damage of equipment and property.

27. All students and guests must clean up after themselves.

28. No Jewelry allowed during pole and aerial use.

29. Classes are closed 10 min after start time. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will need to schedule another class. Doors lock during classes.

30. Clean your pole/mat after use.

31. Students are not allowed to teach other students during class. Instructor Only.

32. Students are not allowed to perform moves or spins that they did not learn in class by the instructor without permission.

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